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Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some five million people a year.  Attractions include a 2 km (1.2 mi) long sheltered beach, Fort Siloso, two golf courses, two five-star hotels, and the Resorts World Sentosa, featuring the theme park Universal Studios Singapore. The name Sentosa translates as "peace and tranquility" in Malay (derived from Santosha in Sanskrit). Sentosa was once known as Pulau Belakang Mati which in Malay means the "Island (pulau) of Death (mati) from Behind (belakang)".


Tiger Sky Tower (previously known as the Carlsberg Sky Tower) is a free-standing observation tower. At a height of 110 m (360 ft) above ground and 131 m (430 ft) above sea level, it offers visitors a panoramic view of Sentosa, Singapore, and the Southern Islands.It has a lifting speed of 1.2 metres per second and weighs 200 metric tonnes. On a clear day, the view extends to parts of Malaysia, Johor Bahru (30 km / 18 miles), Indonesia,Pulau Bintan (45 km / 28 miles) and Pulau Bantan (43 km / 27 miles). At ground level, visitors enter a large disc-shaped air-conditioned cabin fitted with glass windows all round. The cabin then revolves slowly as it ascends the column of the tower. The cabin has a capacity of 72 visitors. 




Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom a landscape garden with over 15,000 live butterflies, representing more than fifty species. Housed in a cool outdoor conservatory, these butterflies range from the 25 millimetre (1 in) Eurema sari to the 150 mm (6 in) Papilio iswara. The Insect Kingdom houses some 3,000 species of rare insects from around the world, including a 160 mm Dynastes Hercules beetle.



Merlion Statue a gigantic 37-metre tall replica of the Merlion which was completed in 1996, it houses two viewing galleries and a souvenir shop. The Merlion statue once played a part in the world-famous Magical Sentosa show, but it had to drop the part after the show was shut down in March 2007 to make way for the construction of Resorts World Sentosa. The Sentosa Monorail used to pass by this gigantic statue, but now it is replaced by the Sentosa Express which still passes by the statue. The Merlion Statue played several parts in several performances at the famous Sentosa Musical Fountain, which included the Spirits Of Sentosa show, and the Magical Sentosa show. 




Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon Underwater World is an oceanarium located on the western part of Sentosa. Opened in 1991, the living museum has more than 2,500 marine and fresh-water animals of 250 species from different regions of the world. The oceanarium is underground and has an 83 metre long travelator that moves visitors along a submerged glass-windowed tunnel from which they can look at an array of marine life including a coral reef, stringrays, moray eels, turtles, sharks, and other fishes. In the 'Dive-with-the-Sharks' program visitors can scuba dive in the large oceanarium, even if they are not scuba qualified. Qualified scuba divers can also "Dive-with-the-Dugong".

The Underwater World also includes a Dolphin Lagoon which is home to some Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, also known as the pink dolphins. Several "Meet-the-Dolphins" sessions are held daily to allow visitors to enter the waist-deep pool and interact with the dolphins at close proximity. A more involved "Swim-with-the-Dolphins" program, where visitors can interact extensively with the dolphins, is also available. Underwater World Monorail Station of the now-defunct Sentosa Monorail once connected visiting tourists to the western half of the island, but it no longer does as the monorail was discontinued in March 2005.



Wings of Time. Epic. Majestic. Mysterious. Discover a mesmerizing night show by the sea.  There's no better way to complete a fabulous day at Sentosa than to take in a spectacular night show set outdoors against the backdrop of an open sea. Come, discover an awe-inspiring display of water, laser and fire effects, set to majestic music and a panorama of breath taking vistas.

Weaved together by a tale of friendship and courage that will linger with you long after you leave our magical isle.



Sentosa 4D Magix is Singapore's first and Southeast Asia's original four-dimensional theatre. Opened in January 2006 at the cost of S$3.5 million, the theatre is equipped with digital projection and a DTS 6.1 sound system. Guests are seated on a motion based chair in a typical movie theatre watching a 4D show with visual effects popping out of the screen coupled with environmental effects providing a lifelike feel. The current show is the comedy Pirates!, as offered in other theme parks around the world.



Sentosa CineBlast opened in June 2007, Cineblast, which replaced Cinemania, is Singapore's only cinema ride. It features high definition 3D wide-screen projection and a 6 axis motion system, takes visitors on an ultimate virtual 4D simulation extreme log ride.



Sentosa Luge & Skyride features a self-steering, gravity-driven three-wheel cart. Originally from New Zealand, the non-motorised cart allows rider to speed down a hill over a course of 650 m ending at the Siloso Beach. At the end of the luge, there is the Skyride that can allow rider to see from a high view. It also can be boarded at the start of the Luge.



Segway Eco Adventure - Most popular Segway tour in Asia. Enjoy a scenic ride along Singapore’s most popular beaches on our Segway PT. A thrilled-packed 30mins experience along the hip and fun-loving Siloso beach or the family-oriented Palawan beach. For the ultimate Segway experience, join us for the 60mins Segway Eco Adventure+ where we will cruise along the entire 3.2km of white sandy beaches, covering Siloso, Palawan to Tanjong! This is definitely an unforgettable experience, referred to by many as "Asia's Most Thrilling Eco Ride".


Coastal recreation in the beautiful Sentosa Island:








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