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IranAir direct flight from KUL/TEH/KUL.


Office tel no.: 0060321661058.




IranAir Company was founded in May 1944 and operated its first passenger flight right after World War II from Tehran to holy city of Mashhad. IranAir became a full member of IATA in 1964 and is now flying to 28 international and 26 domestic routes as an IOSA registered airline.

Some information about IranAir and its services:

What are the categories of passengers ?

  • Adult passengers (over the age of 12)
  • Children (aged 2-12)
  • Infants (under the age of 2)



Is it necessary to purchase tickets for children and infants ?

Yes, IranAir gives fare discounts of 50% for domestic flights and 75% for international flights for children aged 2-12. For infants under 2 with no seat, only 10% of the ticket fare will be ged.



What should passengers do in case the tickets are lost ?

If paper tickets are lost, passengers can refer to IranAir Offices.



What are IranAir procedures for delayed flights ?

In case of a delay of more than 2 hours or the cancellation of the flight, Iran Air will refund the total ticket fare at the request of the passengers who have changed their minds about the flight after their tickets have been stamped by the Passenger Services Department.



Can an adult passenger travel with two infants ?

According to IranAir safety procedures, an adult can accompany only one infant. If a passenger has two infants, a child ticket should be purchased forthe second infant but has one seat entitlement. IranAir gives fare discounts of 50 percents for children aged 2-12 in such cases.



When does a passenger need to purchase an extra seat ?

Passengers can request for extra seats when carrying valuable or fragile items such as musical instruments, gold and jewelry, or when they are not comfor in one seat.



What type of services does IranAir provide to HOMA Class passengers ?

HOMA Class passengers are entitled to receive following services:

&bullExclusive check-in counter,

&bullTaking advantages of CIP lounge services,

&bullPriority in baggage delivery at destination,

&bullFree excess baggage allowance compared to other passengers,

&bullPossibility of meal selection during the flight.


Free baggage allowance on Iran Air International flights:

Class Flight

Economy y/cl

Homa class c/cl

Sky gift silver card

Sky gift golden card

Cabin baggage c/cl

Cabin baggage y/cl

Baggage allowance

30 Kg.

40 Kg.

40 Kg.

50 Kg.

7 Kg.

5 Kg.




Catering services:


In flights in which IranAir offers special seats for first class passengers (Homa Class), particular services are provided for Homa Class passengers, including catering services which are prepared in accordance with specific standards. In comparison with daily services, Homa Class catering services offer particular and exclusive services. The particular quality and variety of these services enjoy some of the best designs and tastes. Choosing food from the menu, getting services in porcelain dishes, receiving gift bags, flowers and saffron are among the instances of services which Homa Class passengers might receive during their flights.





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