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GATO Tour & Travel organizes the best and unforget activities during your trip in Iran:


Religious pilgrims: Iran is the cradle of some of the oldest religions in the world. Mazdakian , Bahai Zoroastrian and Manavian that are main religions that started in Iran. Although the Mazdakians are very rare nowaday, however there are quiet a few group of Zoroastrian and Manavians minorities still living in Iran. The Baha'i is not a recognized sect by the government , but its followers chose to continue living in Iran. Currently GATO Travel  has focused don&rsquot only the Shia main religious sites, however GATO Travel has a special tour to the Baha'i , Jewish, Zoroastrian, Sufi, Sikhs, Armenians or Manavian places. 










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